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Welcome to Ca’ Morini!

When I live my home, I think to those stones, those bricks, those woods which have gone through well over a century, I relive the attentions and the transformations that this home has had during all the years that has belonged to my family, since the 50es to nowadays, I hear what it tells me in its silence full of past of these long years. Born as a peasant house, but now an integral part of the urban fabric of the last thirty years, there are no luxury nor impersonality, but it keeps the sobriety of its traits and the warm and cozy shapes which I’ve always identified with, available and adaptable to all those who gradually crossed the courtyard or the garden, the porch and the many rooms or that warmed up near the large fireplace. There have always been the animals, from the little donkey Ortensia of my childhood, to the aviaries full of birds and to the dogs of my father, to my mother’s cats… Until today where three cats and a dog still live there in a lively harmony.

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